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Cathie Knight

Cathie and Ren Knight live in Loganville, Georgia with their daughter, Katie. Ren is a Captain in Dekalb County Fire Department and Katie their daughter is studying to become a High school teacher at Georgia College. Also living at their home are Cathie's parents,Ruth and Bud, a Dalmatian named Domino and two cats, Ricky and Lucy. Cathie and Ren have been married for 24 years. They have enjoyed many years together, sharing many job changes and adventures. This is their story of how and why CKA came to be.

Cathie and her husband Ren lived in their older home in Snellville for 13 years. Living in a popular section of Gwinnett they hoped that the appreciation of their home would allow a "moving on up" to a larger home.

After meeting with an agent, imagine their surprise upon learning the home had indeed appreciated, but not as high as the last appraisal had been. A young couple, aspiring for the American dream, ignorant in the ways of mortgages and refinancing, they re-purchased their home recently for 12% higher than the amount the agent believed the home was worth. To make the proverbial long story short, part of their retirement was used to allow them to move from their home.

For the average human being there are always defining moments within their lives, where they begin to take notice of who they are, what they believe and who they want to be. For Cathie Knight, it was the sale of their home and a simple stroll down the street of their new neighborhood. Little did Cathie know a casual conversation with a neighbor would change her life's goals. Cathie learned that her neighbor was an appraiser and needed people to work with him. Her interest was piqued and 6 months later she went to work with Southeastern Appraisal Services. Cathie, after having such a frustrating experience from an appraisal longed to understand the process of appraising a home, what the term "loan to value" meant, and what "real market value" was. During the next 2 years Cathie worked with both SAS and Boice & Associates, where she received excellent training. In 1999 with the blessing and support of her mentors, Cathie began, Cathie Knight and Associates.

"The appraisal profession is a process. The market is constantly changing, the appraiser is always growing and the process begins anew daily. For Cathie, the process of being an appraiser is an important one. It is one that is taken seriously with the hope that she will never cause anyone to "learn the hard way" as she and her husband. Appraising homes is a very enjoyable experience and a process worth continuing; with knowledge to be gained and lessons to be obtained."

Excellence and integrity are our standards and we look forward to being your metro Atlanta appraisers.